Grade 6


Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is different to everyone but I believe that home is made up of different things like family, friends, shelter, love, care, hopes, dreams and so much more. The feeling of home is great, the smell is unique and the magic never leaves. There’s nothing like home. It’s the only thing in the world where you’re comfortable. You feel safe and nothing ever feels too wrong. It is a place where you can laugh, learn and play. A home is special. It’s the only place where hopes and dreams are able to come easily to you. It will let you pretend to become what you want to be.Your home is where you are able to dream and be free to do what you want.

It’s fun to travel but it feels fantastic to come home. It feels like seeing your friends after a while and coming back to your safe home. Homes do so much for you. Here are some examples of what a home has done for me. Homes help me be by protecting me and by comforting me. Homes help by letting you be what you want to be and by allowing you to be yourself. My home helped me by being there for me. The importance of a home is huge. A home is an amazing place. A home is like a happy thought that makes you happy.

As you can see, a home is not just walls and a roof with all your stuff in it where you lay around all day. A home is a place with your family, good meals, coziness, kindness and love. It’s a place where you are surrounded by people who care about you. Home is different to everyone but this is what it is to me.