Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Why is home my favourite place? Oh you have got to know!
Home is my favourite place to be because it is where I love to hang out and feel my best.

The first reason home is a special place to me is because of all the quality time we spend as a family.
Some of the ways we spend time together is we play monopoly, chess, movie nights and eating out.
To me home is spending time with my family. Quality time makes me feel loved, accepted, happy, safe and protected. This family Day weekend my brother, dad and I played Warcraft together. This is a fiction based game with multiple classes and fun ways to battle. We also played another game called risk. It
took us couple hours to finish the long fun games we played. I have a big story to tell my friends but that is what quality family time is to me.

When I think of home I also think of pets. In my home my dog Vader is important to me because he makes me feel special. Vader is a beautiful golden doodle who loves to chill. This always makes me feel relaxed. As soon as I get off the bus my mom and Vader are the first ones to greet me home. This always makes me feel happy and welcomed

The final reason home is special is the 5TS in my house. The 5TS stands for my family. Tammy, Terry, Tomas and me Tolkien. Home is whenever I am with them. To me family is the core of my heart.

Home is a very special memory making place and I believe everyone deserves a safe, secure, loving home.