Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Home, a place where most of the family time is being developed. Home should be like a shelter, a safe shelter that you can be as open and as comfortable as you wish. It could be a stress free habitat or an area to let out your fears and frustrations. When at home, there should be a guardian that is willing to be with or near you and care strongly for you at all times, that guardian could be your parents, your grandparents, a friend, a cousin, an aunt or uncle, or even a neighbour.

Your home is also your community. You will grow in different communities and you might lose communities such as sports teams and clubs you join, but your family roots will always and forever be apart of homes you have lived in. Home could sometimes be a personal space for yourself to clear your mind from all that has been going on in your life! Your home can be your country, your state, your city or town, somewhere that makes you feel secure and allows you to have an enjoyable life!

That is what home truly means to me, it is so important to at least have one home because that’s how friendships are created and where love spreads quickly. You would normally grow up in your home- unless you switch areas but otherwise , home is an enormous part of your life. It cherishes memories of your childhood care-takers, those kind souls you interacted with and much much more!