Grade 4

Thunder Bay

Meaning of Home

Home means I can see my dog every day. I can have friends over and I can see my mom and dad. Home means that I can play games like “roblox” and “among us” with my family. It means that I can play games like “call of duty” with my neighbors Gabby, and Aynslee.
I like my home because there is a lot of food and drinks. My Favourite thing about my home is that there will always be pizza, hot dogs, bread sticks, burritos and tacos. I like to drink Gatorade, Pepsi and Kool aid. I can have a party at my house. I like that at my house I can have my favourite thing, which is my toys!! I like my room because I like my bed where I sleep at night. Home means that I can go outside in the summer to have a water balloon fight. I like my home because I can play with my dog. I love my home because there are a lot of fun things I can do every day. I wish everyone could feel the way I do about my home. There are many things I can do in my house. I do my homework when I have time. I miss my dog Gidget and my Papa who lived with me in my home. All the time I do videos in my room and in the kitchen. My neighbors and I love our homes so much that we don’t want to leave.
I never want to leave my home, it’s too special for me. Me and my dog love it there. When I have to move I’ll be sad. Now that you know all about my home, hopefully you like it too!!