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Meaning Of Home

Meaning of home.

Home to me is where I see
People who are role models to me
From family to friends
Is where it begins
Home is where I belong
Where my family sings a song
I see my family smiling and my guinea-pig hiding.

Taking cover
Is like an angel who would hover
Over you and me
Having a home
Is somewhere I can go
Having a shelter
Is quite better
There should be somewhere that everybody can call home.

Home is where people are loved
From warm hugs to soft kisses
To Mr and Mrs
Love is a bond that can never be broken
Never forgotten or never forbidden.

Home is where I dream all night
Where nobody should stand in fright
Home should not be frightening
Home should be brightening.

Home can be where you’d like
Home should be somewhere you can stay all night
Home is always a word you should say
Never forgotten
Not on this day