Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Meaning of home.

I love my blue house.

It is blue like blueberries. There is even a matching workshop that is just a little brighter shade of blue.

I feel loved and warm there.

In the morning when my dad calls me down for breakfast, I bring down my blanket and sit on the vent so that I’m still warm.

My home is so great.

I have so many great memories in my house and there is even more to come!

Home is important.

Everyone deserves a home. It is a place that you can feel safe and comfortable.

I think my house is awesome.

I feel so lucky to have a home to take shelter in.

Home is wonderful.

There is so many things to do at your house! You can play, and jump, and relax!

Home is so special.

Home is a place to cherish. One day when I am older, I will have all these great memories!

Home is a place that I am safe.

At home, I am safe from all the things outdoors! Like bugs, and cars, and dangerous animals!

Home is so awesome.