Grade 6


Meaning of Home

The dictionary defines “home” as being the place where a person lives. You can refer to a home as a structure like a house or building where someone lives, but home can mean a lot more. People go through life wanting a place to call their own, to call home. It’s a dream that everyone has growing up. My dream home when I’m older would be having a huge piece of land with a large house full of windows so that I can see all the animals I plan to have at my own sanctuary where the animals and I would live together as a family. Everyone wants a place to call home, but a true home is something you create.
I think everyone dreams of a home that can be their own sanctuary. Home is where you feel safe and protected, either by the walls around you or the you live with. Wherever home is, it should be warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot. It should provide shelter from storms, nature and outside elements. It should have running water, working bathrooms, plenty of space to live and to play hide and seek. A home should be your escape from the outside world where you can close the door, sit back and relax in silence, and be somewhat worry free. That’s only the structure!
Home is not only about the actual place you live. Home is where your family lives and your family can be anyone who makes you feel loved and supported. Your family is a unit of people that love you unconditionally and that is what makes a house a home. When you have people around you that love you, you feel the most comfortable. Home is where you can be yourself without judgment. Home is where memories are made. It’s where you can laugh, cry, throw a fit, have a dance party and act like a fool. Home is where you can have fun!
The people you live with make a home, my home is full of hugs and dreams, where you are told and made to believe you can do anything. When you can call somewhere home with the people you love and who love you, you feel like anything is possible. It is where you can build, create, dream, question everything, learn, and make mistakes. Home is where you can grow.
When you combine all these things, safety, protection, comfort, love, family, support, memories, dreams and possibilities you now have a home. All I wish for is that everyone out there can have a home they can call their own.