Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Home is a place where you can scream, shout, be happy and sad. It’s where you can be yourself. I don’t feel at home without my friends, family, pets and relatives. It is a place where you can feel safe and loved. Home is my open heart.

I can’t even imagine being homeless. It would be so hard to sleep outside when it’s raining or snowing. No food, being so tired because you didn’t sleep last night. I am so grateful that I have a home and I’m so sad for the people who don’t.

After a long day of panhandling I slowly walked back three blocks to the bridge with the beautiful artwork. I had a little camp set up just under the bridge. I didn’t
Get much sleep at night because it was so loud. I just wish that everyone had a home.

If your walking down the streets and you see a person experiencing homelessness, instead of saying oh, look it’s a homeless person,you could say oh, look its a person experiencing homelessness because if you say that, what you mean is that that person is just like any of the others and they matter just as much. If you forget to say a person experiencing homelessness that’s okay because that’s just one little mistake. if you do say homeless person then they might get the feeling that you’re saying that they might never get a home and they will stay being a person experiencing homelessness.

I once met a man who had experienced homelessness and he told us his story and his favourite colours, red and yellow. He said that when he was homeless people didn’t treat him very well because he wasn’t wearing nice clothes and he was just sitting there against the cold crisp brick wall. He also said that when he did live in an apartment building he couldn’t pay the rent so they asked him to leave and then he became homeless. He was homeless for two years. One of his friends told him about The Mustard Seed and if you had enough money you could live in a room there. So sure enough he got some jobs and had enough money to rent a room so he rented a room and he’s been able to pay the rent for five years.

**Home is a place that you can
always come back to**