Grade 4

Thunder Bay

Meaning of Home

A home is not a mansion or a tower. It’s the people that have the power. A house just to fit all your family and good things. My two sisters, my mom, and my step dad help me to feel better when I am sad. I don’t need a big fancy house with big fancy walls, just ones that are filled with love and that’s all. In my house It’s a wonderful sight. It’s feeling safe. It makes it as beautiful as the stars at night. I reach for a snack when my stomach is empty. My mom already has a yummy lunch that is ready for me to eat up, crunch, crunch. My stomach is no longer empty. If my sisters need help or they want to play, just anything at home will make my day! If I need to be cheered up, I could go to my sweet little pup. Everyone in my house is so great. We work in routine to see all the coming good days. Sometimes there are little wrong flips, but a kiss from mom’s lips will be the fix. Things may be rough, but my cat’s motor will fix it up. So what I’m saying is that if you have a house and a nice family that’s what makes a home, I love that and it’s why I’m writing this.