Grade 4


Meaning Of Home

Home is built with loving deeds, hope and faith.
It’s built with bricks of feelings and mortar of memories.
Roof of protection shields me with self-confident.
Wall of security gives me self-protection.
Floor of platform gives me opportunities.
Window of freedom gives me happiness.
Steps of attempts lead me to success.
Rooms of privacy teach me to be well behaved.
Pillars of relationship support and strengthen me.

Home is the dawning of my life
Where I can shine to express myself.
Haven where I can relax and sleep.
Reassuring space where I get confident.
Welcoming place to gather and treat each other.
Feast to gather in a meal with sharing.
Chapel to forgive, accepts, love and understands each other.
Shelter to care and encourage when I’m down.

Home doesn’t need to be perfect but it just needs to be united.
There are smudges of childhood stuck on the walls.
Untidy Legos and puzzles test my mom’s patient.
Morning kiss of mom gives me boost for the day.
Hug of dad keeps me cheerful through the day.
Mom’s disciplines make me think of myself.
Super active brother makes me busy all day.
Loving sisters stand up for me.
Aunts and uncles treat me with love and care.
Grandparents put a smile on my face.

Think of homeless, hunger and orphan
While I’m treated by my sweet home.
Think of sick kids when my family takes care of me.
Pray for children who need them to love, care and share.
I’m blessed to have a sweet home!
Never waste the time of my precious home.
Lucky to help a child to buy at least a brick
To build a home by writing my blessings.
Oh blessed home! Wherever I go,
You are my only destination to return.