Grade 4

Cold Lake

Meaning of Home

My home is a place where I can be myself. I feel safe at my house. My house is full of laughter and kindness. My home is family. Home is where I feel loved. Home is more than just a place-HOME is where I walk in the door and feel like I can express myself and my feelings. Home is a trustful place. Home is a place where no one tells you to leave. Home is where my dreams come true. Home is home. Home is where I can feel happy for who I am. Home is where I sleep in my warm, comfy bed. Home is where I have happy thoughts. Home is just the place for me. It reminds me of peace. When I come home from school, I get so excited to see my mom and dad, my sister, and my dog. Home makes me feel warm inside and it’s where I feel like nothing is bad. Home is where I get hugs and kisses. I am so grateful to live in a house with a roof over my head and clothes on my back .Home means so much to me. I love my house and the people who live with me. Home is where I can be happy. Home is where I do my favorite things. Home is my entire world. That is what home means to me!