Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

A house is where you can stay but its no your house so you have to follow rules they give you break something you have to replace it because you don’t own if. But a good things houses provide is shelter ,dryness, not having to live on streets ,not getting eaten by animals ,some food, place to sleep. A house is great but you just don’t own it.

What Is a home:

Well as with a home you break something its your choice if you want to buy it again. Your more safer in a home then in a a home you have basic needs .you can choose to eat whatever you want because you bought it. In a house you have to ask if you ran out food. You have family in a home you can talk home provides me food ,water ,a bed to sleep , etc. everyone should be grateful to have a home.

What is more important:

What one is more important is both. Both have shelter to sleep under. But if I really have to choose it would be home. Home is more safe and you own it so you don’t have to pay rent and other things .a home is more safe and you can have fun with family. And you can have some friends over and have fun sleep overs without worrying about things so my opinion home is more important then a house

What does a home mean to a homeless person/refugee?

To a homeless person a home is there everything. There not use to people offering a house/home. they are always grateful for what they get to of course they would be super happy having a home with family and friends. To a refugee home is amazing to them. Yes they have most likely had a home before but it probably got

wreaked by the wars or bombs! Just because they might have had a home before doesn’t mean they wont apricate it.

I hoped you liked this message, Rember you guys aren’t just telling story’,you guys are changing lives.;]