Grade 4


Meaning of home

When I walk into my home I feel safe, warm and protected from the pounding rain and the icy wind. I am warm inside my home when it snows. Home is where I feel safe when the lights go out. My home is where my team, my family is. It is where my parents say goodnight when I go to bed and wake me up in the morning when the sun rises over the horizon. Home is like a nice warm hug wrapped around me.

When I went to Seed School I learned that people can experience homelessness. The reason we call them this is because if you call them a homeless person it is a more permanent title and they feel like they will be homeless forever. But if you call them person experiencing homelessness, they are just experiencing it. They are not forever homeless.

Another thing we got to do at Seed School is we got to imagine being homeless. If I was homeless I would sleep on cold park benches, with the cool wind biting my face when I went to sleep each night. I might wander the streets and beg for money and/or food. If I did not have a home I would be trapped in a box nowhere to express my feelings, no one to hug, no privacy. I would not be able to make all those staring eyes go away. No door to slam in their faces, no warm bed, no love.

There are many ways we can prevent homelessness. Just something little can make a difference. Like a food bank or just getting to know them. There are lots of shelters including The Mustard Seed, In From The Cold, and just random shelters. So donate today to help prevent homelessness.