Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Home is where there is laughter everywhere with the best memories and where I feel most blessed.
Home is where I roam and where I eat honeycomb and play home is where I stay and always have a great day.

Home is special though not all have all this so I’ll help with this crisis for if no one did this how will they be saved.
A home is something all should have but not all have this. Others sleep in rainfall,snowfall, and other horrible weather conditions.

None should live in this condition, none deserve this malnutrition.
Home is where I eat all my delicious meals and I always see my family better than any Christmas tree.

Home is feeling my squishy couch and my hard Xbox remote and my friends laughing with joy, my music playing.
Home is the place I want to be there is no other place I would rather me. I would truly agree that home is the most valuable place to me.