Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

The difference between a house and a home is that in a house you survive in a home you live, let me explain. In a house you get the basic need to survive but, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re welcoming and you’re getting loved and enjoying yourself. A home where your living means that your living life to the fullest, you’re getting loved you feel welcome.

In my opinion homes are better than houses. Imagine a person without a house, if he lives in a tent and Hes happy and doesn’t want a house that tent is his home. In my case my cats, my cats were in an animal shelter for 7 month and were depressed. That was where they lived but, it didn’t quite feel like home.

To a refugee a home is a place where they can relax and feel loved. Also, they can feel safe. After travelling for long as a refugee and finally getting home must be the most relief for anyone. Same exact thing for homeless people. In conclusion a home is much more important than