Grade 6


Meaning of Home

People often say: “Let’s go home.” But what does that mean?
What is a home? When someone says let’s go home, do they
mean their house? Their bed? What does home mean?

Home is where you feel okay to cry and where you have
a reason to laugh and smile, people to laugh and cry with,
home is where you set goals,
break records.

A house is where you see doors and windows.
Home is where you see smiles, frowns.

Your home is not your house. Home is where your
family is, where your friends are. A house is a building,
home is not. Home is your haven, your safety, your light.

It doesn’t matter where your home is, it doesn’t matter
what your home is, it doesn’t matter who’s in your home.

Your home is for you and you only. You share your home with
those around you.

Your home is your family, your friends.
Everyone deserves a home.