Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Have you ever thought about what the difference between a house and a home is? To me, the difference is a home is where my loved ones are. A house however is only where you live and you keep all your belongings. I would much rather live in a home than a house.

I love my home more than anything. My multi poodle Bella, my amazing parents, and of course the amazing food my mom can make. I trust my parents with everything, and I bet you do too. My dog Bella is as cute as a kitten in a paper bag! I adore her. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my parents so much. My mom always comforts me when I’m scared, sad or mad. My dad will always play with me and help me when I’m hurt. My mom’s food of course is one of my favourites. My favourite thing my mom has made for me was the cake she made for my ninth birthday. It was a big donut! Sometimes she doesn’t make my favourite dish, but I eat it anyways, because my dad will remind me about the people that don’t have any food! That makes me hungry. I love my home SO much.

My house is great, it gives me shelter and it has my warm, comfy bed. What is a house without a family though, am I right? I think a home is much better than a house. A home is family, a house is your belongings. A home is people, a house is a building. I’m so grateful for my wonderful family and great house!