Grade 6


Meaning of Home

I believe that home is not just the structure. Home is belonging, comfort, and safety. Home is where your things close to your heart go. Where you want to go when you’re feeling tired. Where you can talk without being judged.
Home means belonging and belonging is to fit in or to be part of something. When I think of belonging I think of family and precious things. I think of family because they are related to you. You love your family and they love you. When I hug my mom I feel like I’m where I belong.. I fill my home with things that I love like my Pokemon cards, Lego, video games and special photos and toys.
Home also means comfort and to be comfortable is to have trust with the people around you. When I think of comfort I think of smiles and laughter. I think of smiles because I smile when I am near loved ones, like when I wake up to the sound of my cats meowing. I laugh when I see something funny with the people l feel comfortable around. Like when we see my cats doing something crazy.
Home also means safety and to be safe is to be away from your problems and your fears. When I think of safety I think of shelter and protection. I think of shelter because I need a shelter to be protected from the outdoor elements. And it is always nice to come home and rest after a long day.
Home means belonging, comfort, and safety. Home is not just the place it is the people. Home is where you find the things you love like your pets and family members. Home is something everyone should have because it’s not a privilege it is a right.