Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home


I think a house is a place for shelter and a place to live, A house provides water, food, warmth, and snacks. But all of this is not like a home a home is a place for a family and a house is a place for you and somebody else but if u make a family it is called a home. But a house is not place with a family it’s a place for just you and it does not have the things for it me become a home. A home has lot s of things, but a house doesn’t some people don’t have a house or even a home some of them are homeless, Wich makes me sad because people need shelters and safety… But I t provides Safety, water, food, and a place to live. The most.

I believe a house is a place for a family .A home provides, Food saftey family people who care about you and fed you as a kid or a baby. Lots of people have homes, but most people only have houses.

They’re both important to everybody but some people don’t have homes because they’re homeless it’s sad when you see it. Its super doper sad and I get so sad, and I ask my brother dd or mom who ever I am with if I can give them something and we do sometimes.

This is what I think home means to a refugee. A place where you can live and be safe and no bombs hitting, they’re house. In collusion I belie a home is the best because I have 4 siblings and I love them all very much s