Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

A house is a shelter and it gives you warmth it has furniture and it provides food, water and you have family in your house you also have pluming and lighting you also have a bed you can sleep on safety love connections.

A home is a place you go to enjoy time with family and friends you make memories and you have safety. You can make good relationships and good memories you have food ,water a roof over your head a bed so you can sleep it provides everything a house would and more good health ,pluming warmth ownership love laughter fun love connections structure and you can do whatever you want because it is your own home.

I think a house is more important because at least you have food water and a roof over your head a house is if you have enough money and if you want your own stuff I think if your have a roof over your head and food then you are very lucky because some people don’t have a roof over there head or food or water. so that’s why I think having a house is more important.

I think that there should make tiny houses for the people that are homeless and don’t have food or water there should make a tiny kitchen with some food and water lighting pluming. That’s how there would be no as much trash because people wont have to live on the streets.