Grade 6


Meaning of Home

When I get home, I feel safe and my house smell like fresh picked flowers.

I love when I enter my house it feels warm and comfy.

I love when I lay down on my soft double bed. I love when my little sisters come home and give me warm hugs and kisses.

I’m so happy when my mom wakes up and give me comfy hugs and telling me she loves me.

I get excited when its supper time and we eat homemade food and eat a good homemade dessert.

I love taking naps with my baby brother because he makes me happy.

I love when my little sister Jasmine says my name and gives me cute smiles.

I love when my little sister Allyson is happy when she arrives from daycare and gives my heart whelming hugs.

I am happy when I see my two little sisters Eliane and Malorie when we all come back from school.

When I go to my home, I feel safe and relieved. I’m excited to go back home and see my big family.

I am very excited to move out of this house and go to my bigger home.

I love playing with my little sisters and taking care of them and my little brother.

I love running around our back yard with them.

When my mom asks me to help her around my home, I am excited to help her.

My home and family are special to me and if I had to choose money or them, I would choose my home and family.

Each room I’m my home have different smells. Like My room smells like warm perfume, my mom’s room smells like peppermint and chocolate.

Even though we are 10 humans in the house and one bathroom I still love my small and comfy home.

The sounds I hear are not peaceful sounds like screaming but that is what make my home. My Home.