Grade 4


Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

Home is a place that keeps me safe and somewhere that I can go to when I am down or mad. My home makes me a little bit happy like how it made memories when I first moved in my family’s new condo. I was so happy to know that I am protected and where I can sleep and where the door is open for me and my family.

Have you ever thought if you called a person ’Homeless’ you would think of their feelings right?
But sometime stop and think what it would be like if you were called that. It would be like it never ends when I wake up. I get dressed in my clean clothes but then I imagine what it would be like
to have no clean clothes and what it would also be like to have no comfort .

But you know deep down your heart it’s just a person experiencing it. You can also help by giving your time or a smile you can also help by getting a job at the Mustard seed downtown or inn from the cold.

What is the opposite of home exactly? you can’t express your joy,sadness,or any of your feelings. It would be hard and you don’t know where to sleep. it would just be cold. it would be like a box. so help those people because everyone can have a home.

Thank you 🙂