Grade 6

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
By: Gabriel Steiner-Leslie

Home makes you feel safe. Home is where you spend time with your family. Home is where you sleep at night. Home is supposed to make you happy and feel loved. I know it does for me. I love home. If I didn’t have a home, I don’t know how I would live. Home is the best. I love it so much. That’s where all my stuff is like my toys, games, TV, and family. I love home because that’s where my mom, dad, and my 2 brothers are. I also do not know what I would do without them there with me every second of every day. I love my family. They’re the best in the world. They’re just so good. My mom and dad are the ones who provide me with food, water, clothes, toys, TV and video games. They brought me to school every day when I was little.Now, I am bigger so I take the bus on my own. If I did not have them at home, I do not know what I would do. I am so thankful to have a home like the one I do.