Grade 4


Meaning Of Home

It’s hard to believe that a house is better than a home. I know both give us shelter, food and protection from weather. But to me home is family. I have a little sister named Mya.She jokes like a hilarious clown. Sometimes she watches movies and her joy will always be in our home. In our home we have a piano and guitar. My mom teaches me piano. She is the best teacher ever. My dad is at work most of the day. But he comes home usually after supper. He tickles me like a fuzzy bear. In the summer I can smell the fresh air. I also played basketball and swimming lessons.When I first moved to chaparral I didn’t like it at first but then I got a hang of my comfy home. I usually go to the beach with my mom,dad and my sister. You could feel the nice fresh water. When I get home from school I watch TV then my mom calls me for supper.Then me and my sister go to play for a little bit. After that my mom calls me to do my reading homework then I put my pjs on and get a snack.My favorite snack is a tasty yougursagle.Its a yogurt like popsicle. After that we play some tricky Uno. I am beating my family.Then I go to my cozy bed and cuddle with my fluffy blanket. So there you have it home to me is a loving and caring family.