Grade 4

Cold Lake

Meaning of Home

What home means to me is to come home from school and spend quality time with my family. Home is to get fresh food and water and comfy pajamas to sleep in. Home is to get warm hugs and kisses from the people I love. Home is to get a good education and values from my family.

Home, to me, is my family and that memory of my family will never ever go away. Maybe other memories will go away, but the memory of my family will just fall in place in my head. It will just be cemented right in. A house might just be a building, but the people inside the house make it a home.The house will go away as time passes, but the feeling that you get when you are around your family will never get old.

Home is where I am safe and surrounded by my family’s love.

It’s where I don’t have to be afraid if one of my ideas is wrong.

It’s where I can be free and no one will judge me.

I can be just as I am. I feel lucky that I have 4 people in my family that support me and give me food, buy me clothes, and all the necessities I need.My brother is the most caring brother in the universe. He always makes me laugh when I’m sad. When I’m stuck on some math or science, he helps me learn the topics until I get it. My mother is always ready to make me feel better if I am sad, or if I need help with something, she helps me even if she is in the middle of something important.She goes out of her way and helps me. My father cares about me and gives warm hugs and if I say I want something, he buys it right away. My family is everything to me and everywhere they are, I find home.This is what the meaning of home is to me.