Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

The meaning of Home

A house is a place where you can go to get shelter or its even a place you can live . A house gives you food, water, warmth, friends, furniture, and plumbing. You might even go to a house to see your grandparents or friends. Which is always fun. You have what you need at a house but sometimes you don’t even have your own room. Sometimes I don’t feel like I don’t belong.

What is a home

A home is a place where I can go. Unlike a house I have my family at a home. I have my pets, my room, my own space. What I think a home is is family I think everyone needs a home. A home is where I sleep, walked for the first time, shot my first basket, watched my first movie, said my first word. I think home is the most important thing in the word. So that’s what I would call the meaning of home FAMILY.

There both great things some people cant even say they have a house so a home is something we have to take for granted so that’s what we have to remember. I think a home is more important because your family is at a home you have your own space at
home. A house is just a place. So if you think about it a home is family a house is just a place.
I don’t know what a home would be like to a homeless person because Ive never
have been homeless I have a lucky life. But if I was homeless I would think a home is the best
thing alive I would thank god for providing him this home. And think about the hard work they
put on to get themselves there home. So I think it would be amazing.
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