Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Home to me is a safe place to stay.
It is where you always have food to eat and water to drink.
My home is always warm and cozy.
My home is a place that I have my own room that I have my toys, stuffies, books and whatever else I want for me.
I know that when I am home I can be myself and not worry about anything because my mom and dad love me no matter what.
There is always hot water for showers and I have clean clothes.
I am always happy at home and because I know that I can bring my friends over to play and hang out and maybe if things are going great then it might be a sleepover.
The meaning of home and my home is so important because I know I have a safe, warm, dry and happy home. Sadly a lot of people are not lucky enough to have a place to call home.
The very biggest part of The Meaning Of Home to me is anywhere that is my mom, my dad and I are altogether the only thing that would make it totally better is if we could have two kittens and/or 5 fish.
In winter we can go by the fireplace and ave hot chocolate.
Also in winter, we have a hill and when it snows outside I can sled down the hill or race my friends down the big snowy hill.