Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of home

What is the meaning of home you may ask? Well to me it’s a place where you feel various emotions, for instance, you could feel unhappy, joyful, exhausted, annoyed, bored and various more but it would take too much time to explain you all of that anyways the most important is where you feel safe and protected. By the way, you do not need a house to have a home. You could live under a quilt under a bridge and call that home. Most people are lucky they have huge houses, even if they have three houses they could only call one home, Kind of like having a favorite I mean it can change over time but you will always have one or more. If you traveled all over the world in a car your car could be your home it’s where you could sleep and it’s your transportation on how you get to go everywhere. It’s where you could transport all your belongings. You possibly could stay at motels for several nights. Some people very rarely get to stay in their houses because their work could be far from where they live or they have school far from home. a home can also be in a town city and maybe a country. you do not need a lot of money to have a home, an apartment could be your home. to me, my home is not in the house I live in but, the town I was born in because it’s where my grandparents live, and it’s where I grew up at, I hope you liked my idea of the meaning of home and how you do not need a house to have a home. Thank you and have a good day or evening.