Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

My home is comfortable and warm. I have my pets to play with and my dog will keep me safe and a loving family who loves me. I’m recognized for who I am so at home I have lots of nicknames. I have friendly neighbours. They have long talks with us they let me pet their dog and they smile a lot.

I have people who care about me like my friends. They will help with bullies and they will play with me when I have no one to play with. I can do the things I love like swimming, hockey and playing at the park. I love to swim, skate and play at the park.

I have clean water and reliable electricity. I have a good bed with blankets and pillows and I have a t.v. I have walls that surround me and my family. I have good couches and bean bag chairs where I can play my games on my phone. They are very comfortable.

I have a decent amount of money that buys me and my family healthy foods. Most importantly I have a roof over my head. Everyone should have a home.