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Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

What does home mean to me?
It can mean many things
A soft blanket
After hours of playing outside in the snow
Comforted in your home
Wherever you are at home
Your head slumping on the pillows
A feeling we all know
The mood is indescribable
Yet a wonder

Some times home can be hard place
When one person is angry
The entire house feels the same
When the home isn’t clean
You feel dirty
When your parents get mad at you
You want to run away
But we never do

Because that’s what home is
No matter how many times
We get angry
It will calm us down
It will allow us to be ourselves
It will help us unwind
That’s why home is special
To all of us
No matter what

It’s hard to interpret home
There’s more inside the walls
Because in these walls are buried
Treasured Memories of you and your family
A museum of family in display
Right there
On the wall
Home is there

Your family can feel alone too
They can invite others to make long lasting memories too
To be a part of the home
I’m sure that they carry those memories
And treasure them too
In their hearts
Kept for the love

There is no end in the list of words in what home means
Everyone has a different way to describe it
Sometimes you only think of two things
And you know there’s more to it
But what else is it?
It’s not just love and comfort
No words to even describe home
No words

It’s not ever that simple
Because if it was, it wouldn’t be so special anymore
That’s why home is so special
Because it’s hard puzzles to workout
But puzzles you don’t have to solve
That’s why it’s home
But there are no words to describe home