Grade 4

Cold Lake

Meaning of Home

Home is a place where I feel warm.
Home is a place where I feel safe.
Home is where I think of love.
Home is where I think of peace.
Home is where I feel welcome.
Home is where I like to eat.
Home is where I love and care.
For the clothes that I wear.
Home is where I play and play Without a care each and every day. Home is where we love one another.
And I realize it is like no other.
Home is like no other place.
For that I am filled with humble
Home is like nothing more than a
With open doors-
And a smiling face.
Home is where I laugh and laugh
Even when other people stand in
my path.
Home is just my safe place-
To hide when it seems fast-paced.
Home is my forever place-
Where we are protected from the
world we face.