Grade 6

Portage la Prairie

Meaning of Home

Home is where I kindle joy.
Where the best of moments are full of love..
A home is where we love and play.
The meaning of home is what I see at the end of the day,
When we all come together in peace.

My home is where I will always feel free.
Where on the darkest days I will feel happy.
The home I live in will never fall apart,
As long as it stays warm and proud.
Home is where I read and write,
All about what’s wrong and what is right.

Without home you may not feel the same.
Everyone deserves a home,
No matter what race or whatever they have done.
At the end of the we should come to a home full of gratefulness and fun.

In my heart I do believe that everyone should be happy.

What happiness means to me,
Is a home that makes me feel extremely compassionate and happy.
Without a home you may not feel warm but cold.
A home can be what is left and right, up and down, or what’s wrong and right.
A home can be big or small.
All that matters is that you can be free at home at night with your family.

The meaning of home is quite simple to me.
A home is what makes you happy.
Everyone should have a home so they can be,
Toasty and warm but don’t forget about being happy.
Somewhere out there there is a home waiting for you,
To enjoy the wonderful moments full of enjoyment and fun.

This is what home is to me the true feeling of being happy.