Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Home is a safe place to stay

A wonderful place to play

Sleeping in the sun’s rays

And playing on the sunny days,

Home is a safe place to have your own space

In your home you may learn to tie a shoelace

Having fun playing and having a bike race

And having fun with your family with a game where you can chase,

Home is when you can explain how you can feel

Make your worries come out like a Fishermans reel

You can make friends with people and invite them for a meal,

And home is a place where no one can break in and steal,

Home is where you can get a loving pet

A pet that will love you and will also be with you to watch the sunset

Your pet can save you from a threat

And always be there to catch butterflies with you and your net,

When you are sick you will feel loved when your family is there

A place to find things to tell someone how much you care

A place where you can share

Maybe find something outside that is rare,

That is the meaning of home to me, how about you?