Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is what I’m writing about for those who don’t have one so, I hope you like my writing.

Home is where you don’t get yelled at. Home is where you feel safe It’s a place where you can watch tv or run around. Home is where you can eat, sleep, play and repeat. I feel welcome at home because I feel comfortable, home is where I don’t worry about getting hurt. I love home because it’s a warm place to sleep. It’s a warm place to

stay, eat and play video games on my Xbox one.

I like to watch Netflix and watch movies with my family. My home is important to me. I get to live with my family, and we play board games. I feel so comfortable at my home. I like to play with my cousin and build a snow fort. home is where I watch tv. Home Is where I can Play NFL, NHL, FIFA and NBA. Home is where me and my cousin play 1 on 1 on a mini net. We get do to special things in my backyard we play water balloon fights with my family in the summer. We especially celebrate birthdays and achievements with relatives. My family makes wonderful memories in our community.

I’m so grateful for my parents because they get the food on my plate and let me play football and basketball.