Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Today, I’m going to tell you what home means to me?

Home is where I feel safe. Home is where I watch tv, run around and play electronics. Home is where I could eat and drink. Home is also where I could sleep. I love my home because it gives me shelter when it’s raining, snowing. Also, when it’s hailing. Home is where I’m comfortable.

At home I like to play DLS {Dream League Soccer} on my mom’s phone it’s a soccer game where you could vs. Your friends or vs. the CPU, Practice and sometimes there is a tournament that lasts about two weeks.

I play soccer almost every day in my basement, with my siblings, friends and my cousins. It’s very fun. I mostly play with my brother. We also play other variations of soccer. I’ll tell you two variations, three nets and kings court.

At home I don’t have a ps4, Xbox or a Nintendo switch. Well… I’m probably going to get one of the three for my birthday. But I have my own computer. I use too have about four or three phones but the last one I had my mom took it because her phone broke. And the first one was a Samsung its screen wouldn’t work, the second one was a Sony it cracked as well as my iPhone. {the third one.}

I also love my home because it’s where I’m loved by my family. I play with my family and have fun every single day. I love my mom because she takes care of me and cooks for me. I love my dad because he works hard for enough money so I could play soccer. I love my siblings because when I’m bored, they cheer me up.