Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Home is family. If one of my siblings or my mom or dad was not there it would not feel like home. Home is my safe place. My room is part of my safe place because I have all the things that I want that make me safe in my room like my dog, Lola, and my special people and my favourite lights. My home is somewhere I can feel warm and protected. I have the best memories in my home. One time we had some friends over and my brother was in the kitchen getting some snacks. The clear glass sliding door was closed and he ran right into the door. It was so funny!
Home is not just a building. It is something that I love. It is somewhere that I can trust people who come in my home. Without a home I would feel scared and I would be dirty and I would small so, so bad. Without a home I would be scared for my siblings, my mom and dad, and my dog. My home is somewhere I can do my homework and I can wake up in the morning and I can feel safe.That is why I am very glad to have a home.