Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Home is where I get to do many things .Its a place where I Just get to be calm and peaceful. I like to walk in and feel the love put inside of it. My family and I fixed my house and we put effort into it.It’s a place I just get to be myself. My house smells fresh and warm and safer than anything. My Mom and Dad put hard work in feeding us lovely tasting food as well as we take good care to clean our house. My house is a great house and means so much to me. Every morning I smell the same smell, every night I see the same things, every afternoon I remember that I am safe and comfortable and that I am loved so much. I am so grateful for my house and everything put inside of it. I feel bad for the people who don’t have any home or any food, and that’s when I remember that I am so lucky for everything I have. My family and I enjoy my house and I hope that everyone else enjoys there’s to.