Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of home

Home can be a very special place to you where you feel comfortable and were you do personal objects. Where you and your family can feel very safe from bad people. Where your family and you feel better in your home. Your home can mean the whole world to you. It can have memories from when you were just a child. It can hold very special objects like teddy bear’s or blankets that your grandma has knitted for you. Your home can be amazing the way you think about it and your parents could have important valuables in there.

Home can be anything to you it could be a spaceship a pirate ship your home can be anything just put your mind to it and it could be anything. Home is so amazing you tell the truth at home never lie about anything don’t hide stuff in your home.Home can be place when you feel scared, sad, mad home will comfort you if anything happens.

Home can be a beautiful place were you settle with your family and cousins. Where you can have parties Reunion, Home can be a place were you feel welcome.Home is where you talk about your differences. How some people have huge home and other people have small houses who cares about the size of your home a home is a home.home is were you tell your parents anything perhaps if you don’t like your school or you are getting bullied at school. If your home is broken you can fix it your self or you can call a handyman but fixing your self will probably be more expensive if you call a handyman instead of doing it your self.That is what home means to me