Grade 4


Meaning of Home

How is home special to you? ‘’Home is where our story begins.’’ (by Annie Danielson) Home is where you create memories with others around you. A home is where you spend the holidays and love the people around you. Home is a place where someone feels loved. A home keeps you safe. In a home you show kindness and be polite. A home is a place where kindness and love happens. When we show kindness to others we receive more and more love. Love never stops. Home is the place where you can be whoever you want!

Home is a place for memories. Home is where you can be yourself and share fun or exciting memories with others you know. In a home you constantly create memories when you might not even realize.
When you leave home you continue waiting to return. Everyone has lots of different memories at home.

We make mistakes in a home. Each and every day we create new memories. Some memories might be from when you rode a bike for the first time. When we try new things at home we make mistakes. The mistakes we make are not bad, they help us to learn. We learn from our mistakes.

Home is a place to feel loved, a place to share fun memories with others. Love constantly goes on and never stops. Home is where you feel safe and loved. Home is my safe place!