Grade 5


Meaning of Home

When I think of home …

I think of my Xbox because I play on it when I’m bored and for fun. I Wach tv because I like Watching tv.

I think of my toys because when I go downstairs, I play with my toys.

I think of my bikes because I ride my bikes in the park in summer.

I think of my family because I love my family.

I think of my laptop because I like playing Minecraft and Roblox And I play Roblox more than Minecraft.

I think of all the fun I have in my house like playing outside in summer on my trampoline and in the winter, I like making tunnels.

I like making forts in the summer and in winter.

I think of my couch because I watch tv when I’m lying on it.

I think of my cousins because I have a lot of fun with them.

I think of all the memory’s I had in my house.

I also feel bad for the people that don’t have a home. I feel bad because they might not have food or a roof over their head, and they have nowhere to sleep and play. It’s important to have a home is because we have memories and all the food, living, breathing. And where we feel safe.