Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What makes home feel safe for you? I can tell you some reasons why I love my home and why it makes me feel safe. I love my home because I can just be myself. I love my home as much as people love speaking Mandarin Chinese. I feel loved in my home and there is nowhere I would want to be more than home. My home is as safe as being with a capybara, the safest and most friendliest animal in the world. It is important to have a home because you share memories. A home is a place where laughter happens. Home is a comfortable place you know.

For me home is the safest place to be and it is filled with people I love. Home is where you don’t have to worry about anything outside your home so i feel safe because i don’t have to worry about schoolwork and tests. Home is the starting place of love, hopes and dreams. Home is the most important place you will ever be! At the end of a long day all I want to be is home and with my family, and my pets. Home is the safest and the coolest place to be.

Did you know there were 7530 homeless people in Ottawa, in 2018. I have no idea what I would do without my home, I love my home so much. I love my home more than anything in the world. I love my home more than ice cream and cotton candy.

Home is my happy place.