Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

What home means to me is that you feel safe and loved all the time. For that to happen, you need a loving family. It doesn’t matter if your family cannot afford much. You do not need cellphones, expensive clothing or a good haircut to have a loving family. You need each other.

In my opinion if your family is mean in hateful; the place you live with them is no longer home. It is just a place you live. If it is missing love, it’s not home.

The people don’t have to be related to you to be your family. It could be your friends or partner. If your biological siblings and parents are both verbally or physically abusive, there is no need to call them your family. It’s how you feel on the inside about those people. A place without kindness does not deserve the magnificent word called home. Like I said many times before, a home cannot be home without a loving family or somebody who cares about you.