Grade 4


Meaning of Home

“Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams.” ( By Mike campagna ) Home is a place full of memories And where you grew up knowing love is always around. Where you will never forget your memories in the home.Many people might think it’s just a House but truly it is very special to you and only you because you will always think that home was your safe spot growing up. Home to you is the safest place you could be in the world. You will always be protected in your home.

Your home is a place to make memories and store them to never forget. You make memories by taking pictures, or even remembering everything you and your family or friends have made. Everyone in your home will love you no matter what, they will always be there for you and love you forever. Home is a feeling of safety, warmth, love. and more. Home is not a place…it’s a feeling.” (by Cecelia Ahern) A Home would be safe and loving, a House would have a roof and walls.

Your pets and your family would comfort you through rough times At home and you would feel loved and happy in the time you are with your family. Your pets and your family will always keep you safe and company through keeping touch, through living with them and through anything. They will always be with you no matter what happens.

Home would be someone’s safe place, somewhere a person could be themselves. It is a place to be happy, and joyful. We feel loved and cared for in our homes. In our homes we make lots of memories to keep and to remember. I love my Home!