Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What is your vision of a home?

My vision of a home is a place where everyone is loved and accepted, a place filled with peace, happiness, comfort and kindness. In a home there is beauty, kindness and love everywhere. When you’re in a home, you feel good in it, other family members like uncles, aunties, grandparents and siblings also have a home. Home is full of happiness, laughter, kindness and most of all love. A home is where everyone is happy to be in and would never want to leave. Home is where you feel loved, appreciated and safe. ( Tracey Taylor).

What does your home feel to you? My home to me is the safest place I could ever be. The happiest place where I am surrounded by the most important people that love me at all times. My home is full of kindness and everyone is kind to each other, no fighting, no yelling. When everyone is kind in a home it’s kind of like when everyone is treated the same way with respect so that they will feel kindness everywhere. They will also feel safe. In a home kindness is everywhere. What makes your home a beautiful place to be in?

My home is a beautiful place to be in because the people in my home make it beautiful. They are kind, nice, respectful and loving to me, and this makes me the most beautiful, loving caring child ever. A beautiful home is a caring, and nice family. That is what a home is to me.

Home is a place where people respect you. When you’re in a home you are loved by your family, and there is kindness, you are safe, A That what a home is to me.