Grade 4


Meaning of home

When I walk into my home the door is always open. Home is where my parents say “goodnight” when I go to bed and “good morning” when I wake up. Home is where a loving family is always there for you when you come home. I am loved in my home whether you had a rough day or not. Home is where I can express my emotions like laugh, cry or scream.

I dont think its very fair how people say stereotypes about people experiencing homelessness because how would you feel if you couldn’t get through one day without getting stared at and people just walk bye you acting like you don’t even exist. If you don’t know what a stereotype is here’s an example “look at that homeless person she’s so ugly’’ see what I mean they might be homeless but there still humans like you and me.

You might have noticed throughout these paragraphs I have used the term person experiencing homelessness instead of homeless person because what would you prefer being called a homeless person or a person experiencing homelessness. You probably choose a person experiencing homelessness here’s why it sounds temporary like there’s a chance you might get a home.

Most people think you have to give money donations and food donations but what if you don’t have enough money and food to give. You can lend a hand at the homeless shelter or if you see someone experiencing homlessness you can just smile small things make big differences. My dad works at a homeless shelter and every christmas we help and hand out socks filled with goodies and treats. Always remember, kindness makes communities.