Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

I absolutely love my house. It’s a nice shelter. No matter what I do, it keeps me safe. Any house can be any shape and any size. But my house is special because it saves up all my love and affection for the house that keeps it strong and healthy so that it doesn’t break down into pieces.

My house is a remarkable place because it’s my happy place. I can stay as long as I want. My house may not be just for me, but I always have a nice family that always stays there so I don’t get lonely.

My family and I do lots of fun things at our house. We love to put up decorations for all the holidays. We play games, watch movies, read books, play video games, lots of conversations, and lots of delicious meals.

I think everyone should have a house that means as much to them as mine means to me. Everyone should have a home where they feel safe and comfortable, have fun, and make great memories.