jin lu

Grade 5

richmond hill

Meaning of Home

What makes up a home? Well, there are different attributes between a home and a house. This will about what defines a home to me.

I think that in a home, you should feel loved. I think this because if you don’t feel loved, that “home” turns into a house. Some ways this looks is “comfortable”, basically cozy. It should sound quiet and have a light conversation. This should also feel comfortable, such as you aren’t afraid to make mistakes around others. This is how it can feel in a loving environment.

You should also feel safe in a home. Things such as, physically having protection from harmful outsiders. What a safe environment should sound like is basically calmness. Such as no screaming or verbal abuse. It should feel peaceful. Just, peaceful.

A home may be intangible. Basically, doesn’t need to have a physical appearance. This home should still be lovable. What you hear can’t be associated with this. Nor can what you see.

Now, a house may be a home, but not always. If that house is a home, then you should feel welcomed. It should look and sound like a normal household. However, what’s on the inside may not be what is expected.

What a home shouldn’t do is make somebody feel uneasy. It also shouldn’t have “bad” silence. As in, awkward silence. Another thing is, a home shouldn’t look awkward, it should look cozy.

I think a home is intangible sometimes, have a safe environment, feel loved, doesn’t make you feel awkward and sometimes looks like a normal household. To me, that’s what defines a home.