Grade 6

Grande Prairie

Meaning of Home

To me, home is wherever my family is. My family is very important to me, as well as supportive and caring. They help me and tell me what and what not to do so that I don’t get hurt or bullied. My parents heal and help me when I am sick as well.

Home is where my pets are, and they help me be happy with all their silly little shenanigans!

Home is where my bathroom is, so I don’t get stinky or dirty. The bathroom is where the hygiene things are so that I don’t get sick or anything.

Home is where the kitchen is, where I have lots of food and ingredients so we can get as creative as we want with recipes!

Home is where the living room is, where I get to hang out and play with my family.

Home is where the bedrooms are, so I can have private time away from stress and is my safe place. My bedroom is where I sleep and talk to my friends and play games.

This challenge impacts me and reminds me of what I have and others unfortunately do not. Food, a nice bed, a shelter, etc. is an example of what some others may not have and I am grateful for.

That is what home means to me.