Grade 5

Gilbert Plains

Meaning of Home

This is my meaning of home project. So, I will be talking about my family. My favourite food how we get places and my friends in the first paragraph. In the last paragraph, I am talking about my house and what It protects my family from. So that is what I will be talking about. I will also talk about my pets.

In my house there are normally 5-8 people in my house and one cat. My family’s members are my uncle Ozzy, Jadicus, Jackson, my Cucu, my grandpa, myself, and our cat Bubbles. In my mom and dad’s house, there is normally 5-7 people in their house and 2-10 kittens. The names of my family members in my mom and dad’s house are Shooter, Pablo, Sadie, my mom, and dad. And my favourite food is soup. To travel places, we bike, walk, or get a ride. I am in a group of friends.

My house is made of wood, metal, and pipes. To protect my family from the cold and storms. My mom and dad’s house is also made of wood, metal, and pipes. To also protect them from the cold and storms. That’s why our houses are perfect to protect us.