Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Did you know that every year there are 3500 people in Ottawa who are homeless? It is really sad that 3500 people are homeless because everyone needs a home, although some people feel more safe on the streets. Here are some meanings of home.

The meaning of a home is to be loved and always cared for. Home is also a place where you have fun and there is a lot of laughter. A home is a place where it is calm and where you feel safe. You will always be able to call your place of calm a home because you grew up in the home. It will always be your family home.

Home is a very warm and cozy space to live. Some houses aren’t that warm, but some people don’t care about how warm or cold it is in their home, they just care that they actually have a home to stay in. Some people feel very grateful that they have a home and they feel really bad for those people who don’t have a home. But in some cases they feel more safe on the streets than in a home.

Home is a place that some people belong in and feel safe in. But also some people that live on the streets, that is their home. And hopefully the homeless rates go down. Hopefully all of the people living on the streets can stay and sleep safely.