Grade 5


Meaning of home

Meaning of home
The meaning of home is different for a lot of people. To me it’s a safe place like when I am somewhere else I always can’t wait to get home because I feel safe and loved at home. I also feel that home is the most important thing to me and I think to myself I am so lucky that I have a home. I also feel healthy,clean and safe. I know that I will be safe because my house is safe and my family is safe. I also feel cozy and warm in my house because I am under a roof and with my family. I also think that I am very lucky that I have a house because I can eat, stay warm, be loved and many more things but my favourite thing is being with my family. I also think I am lucky because I can play with my dog Molly while staying warm. I also feel lucky that I can play with all my friends, when it’s raining we could go inside and be cozy and have shelter so we don’t get wet and also when it’s snowing I could stay warm and not get cold or very sick. I also feel lucky that my family has money so they can pay to have a home, food, water, clothes and many more stuff to keep us healthy, clean, active and safe. I also think that it is so sad that people can’t live in a house and don’t have food or water and don’t have warm clothing and sick and unhealthy and not safe and freezing cold. That’s what my home means to me. A home is the best thing you can ever ask for.