Grade 4


Meaning of Home

“Home is the safest place in the world” (by Sintia Radu). Home is somewhere you are loved, and have lots of good memories. Home is where you feel safe because of loved ones and you feel loved all the time when you are with them. Home is the safest place in the world and the most loved place to you. Home is a place where you share kindness and it comes from the heart. Home is also a place where love begins and never ends.

Home is the most comfortable place to me because I can be myself. When we are loved we have a sense of comfort. Comfort is with your family and friends including your pets. In a home people are loving to one another even if they aren’t family. In a home you don’t want to just have comfort and love you also want to have fun!

In a home you want to have fun! You can have fun in many ways at your home! You can have fun with your family by playing games going outside to play or just relaxing with your family. For me home is the best place to have fun especially with my family and friends.

Home is a place to have comfort, to have love and a place to have memories with your family. When we are loved, we are happy and we know we are cared for. Home is my comfort zone!