Grade 5


Meaning of Home

I think a home is more than a building.
We also need to give houses to people who need giving.

You have parties and traditions with your family and friends.
For some holidays you get lots of presents and it doesn’t end.

I think to myself that a home is incredibly amazing.
The feeling that I get is like when I’m gaming.

It’s a place where you can relax and go when you’re tired.
Sometimes you need to work in your room so you’re not wired.

You have memories in your house that make you happy and sad.
Sometimes you may even feel overwhelmed and mad.

But then I have to say something that is very tragic.
There are people who are living on the streets and it’s very traumatic.

They don’t have a place to stay or warmth or love.
They don’t feel cosiness like with jackets and gloves.

They need to have homes so they feel safe and secure.
We shouldn’t have to let them endure.

They need a home where they belong.
They’ve been living on the streets for way too long.

We need to make a difference as fast as we can.
Then we can change the world as quick as a bam.