Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Meaning Of Home

For me, home is a loving and caring environment for you. What makes it loving and caring is our family. Ever since I grew up being a kid, I have been extremely grateful for being part of a loving and caring family that gives me memories ever since I was welcomed to this world. I can’t ask for anything more.

Having a great parent makes me more unique than other kids. They let me join any club I want from Sports to educational clubs. They always encourage me. I would have not been who I am without them. They make me want to try as hard as I can so I don’t bring them down.

I also have a brother and a sister who is right now in my moms tummy. My brother always enjoys being with me. He likes to follow me because he thinks I’m a good role model. He loves to play video games with me because he says “You are so good at every game brother “.Also , he wakes me up in the morning and he says “ Who wants Doritos”. He got the idea from a Dorito ad and my favorite chips are Doritos.. However he doesn’t wake up before me every time. Our family calls him the sleeping pig. He Loves to sleep. He only wakes up early to watch tv or play games.

My home is different from other ones. I love myself because of this excellent family. Not everyone has a home. Homeless people don’t have one which is why I’m joining this event to tell people about my magnificent home and to give homeless people an loving family and a roof on top of their head. For me home means peace and happiness.