Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of home

Home to me means family, love, and laughter. It means sharing and caring. A home is much different from a house. I say: “A house is built with boards and beams, a home is built with love and dreams.” It’s a place I know my family, my friends and I are always welcome. Even if I move to a new house, my old home will still be with me. At home I know there is food and water. My family and home mean everything to me.
I know my animals are there when I walk in the door. Inside my home there is my room and there is the kitchen. Home to me means fun, and it also sometimes means bad but it will always be home to me. I know there are lots of great activities to do when I’m bored. Even though I have two places to live (mom’s, and dad’s), they’re both still homes to me. I know I have money at home. At home I have a T.V. My home is part of my life and my family’s life.
At home we have rules to follow . Home is a place where I can be myself and nobody else can stop me, no matter how hard they try. Home is one of the places that holds lots of love. If I did not have a home, my life would not be the same at all. I don’t have to share a room with any of my siblings because my family has enough money for a house with enough rooms for everyone to have their own.
Home is where I live