Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

Home is where my heart is.
Home is the apple of my eye.
I feel like I was born with a silver
When I have such a promising
I will always feel heartbroken to the
Ones that could not have a
As home is as beautiful as Rome.

Everyday my home welcomes me
I get back.
This fills my bucket of happiness up.
Laughing with my family creates it
As this all makes my sprirts
And dreams soar.
It makes me feel infuriated when not
All people can feel this way.

Home is a place for memories,
not nightmares.
Home will give you privacy from the
Outside world when you need it.
Your home provides you safety
when you need it.
It makes me feel miserable to the ones that
in a neighborhood that’s dangerous.

Whatever you do with your home, it
will always be loyal to you.

I say sorry to the ones that don’t have a home,
as I give you hope to find a home.