Grade 4


Meaning of Home

“There is no place to be than home” (by Al Stillman) Home is a place where you laugh, make memories and have fun with your family.You can take adventures with your family and that shows kindness and respect because you are adventuring with your family. Your home is a safe place to be.”Home isn’t a place it’s a feeling” (by Cecelia Ahern). You are safe and loved at your home.

“Home is my happy place” ( A home is a place where you are cared for and loved for. Home is a comforting and loving place to be. At your home you can go free and be yourself and have a great time.

Memories are also a part of a home. Take adventures with your family, have fun with your family and make memories. Everyone in a home loves you and will always love you so have fun making memories with them. You are a big part of your family, your home is special.

Everybody loves their home. It is a special place for everyone, love is important at a home, as well as kindness and fun. Home is the most special place in the world to me!