Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home Poem

Home creates memories we can
all agree on that. Home showers
me with love, surely that’s a fact.
Without a doubt, home is my special rose.
Surely it keeps me and my family close.

Home is cozy cuddles of comfort and connections.
Home brings me joy right at the door.
Home protects me with all the might it has like never before.
Home is protecting, peaceful and gives me
privacy that makes me glad.
Home hugs when I feel lonely or sad.
My home, has never felt mad.

When I think of home I think of a welcoming
meal in any weather condition.
When I come home we celebrate traditions.
I come home when I’m finished with challenging missions.

Home is my shelter at all times.
Home is where my heart belongs.
I feel grateful for the story of my home and I am not wrong.